Cannes, France – Day 7

Today we awoke from our slumber anchored just off the coast of Cannes, France. I never get bored with these tender ports, especially the ones on the French Riviera, they are breath taking. Although Cannes is wonderful I think my favourite would have to be Villefranche, simply beautiful.

So as mentioned it is a tender port, for those of you who may have never cruised before or may have cruised but never enjoyed the tender, basically, here you are sailed to the shore via the ships tenders. Or in our case today via a rather impressive boat named the Azur I. First time I have ever seen a boat other than the ships ferrying passengers back and forth.

Although the process is quite exciting it can also be an utter pain in the neck, thankfully though today’s disembarkation process went without a hitch and impressively quickly, we waited only 15 minutes between getting our passes to actually heading down to the pontoon.

The journey took roughly 15 minutes, as we edged closer we past more and more priceless yachts and of course lots of little orange friends (to you these are also known as the tender boats) and the distant view we had been intrigued by from the ship was starting to really become a lot clearer.

When we disembarked the tender boat we made our way up the stairs and prepared for our exciting walk down Boulevard De La Croisette, this is the main glitz and glamour street in Cannes. Designer boutique after designer boutique, impressive art deco style hotels, cars worth….I don’t even want to think how much they are worth, but this location really is stunning.

I had visited here before, in August 2010 and I must say I much preferred it then compared to how it was now. The weather was a little overcast so that took away some of the intrigue but there was also a lot of construction work going on. You couldn’t get anywhere near the main marina front so numerous photo opportunities were lost of these impressive multi-million pound yachts. It also meant  for quite some distance you were forced to stay on the one route until you came to a crossing as to your other side was simply a metal fence, the road, another metal fence then the marina……it was this way or no way basically.

It was a bank holiday the day we arrived so all the designer stores were closed, there were souvenir shops open and restaurants but the likes of Gucci, Prada, Jimmy Choo, they were all locked up tight. There was a nice crafts market there, expensive but very nice to browse.

Overall Cannes really is a wonderful place I just so wish there hadn’t been as much construction work going on. There was a lovely 2 storey carousel on the sea front, I have never seen anything like it before, and the walk along the main front was very pleasant. I suppose had the sun been shining it would have been a better atmosphere but it is such a long walk that you are secretly grateful for the cooler temperature. That is until your lips turn blue and you are freezing to death…..I was never so happy to get back to the ship and put on a jumper!

As we made our trek back along the beach front we stopped to take what must have been ten thousand pictures, I love photography, and pictures really can tell you an entire story without having to add one word.

We arrived back at the marina ready to embark the tender for our journey back to the ship. This time it was a little orange friend so I was quite pleased about that. 15 or so minutes later we were back onboard and by now certainly ready to fill our tummy’s! We made a quick pit stop at the cabin before heading up to the Plaza for what was now afternoon tea. The perfect way to end the day and at last take the weight off our feet.

We would enjoy quite a pleasant evening at sea tonight, although still a little windy the air was not as cold as it had been. I once again took myself to deck 15 and watched the sunset, which was beautiful. It was made even better by the fact one of Costa’s ships was sailing past our starboard side and the sunset backdrop made for this perfect photo opportunity.

A few cocktails later and our beds were calling, we retired happy and ready for our final port of call, Barcelona……..

Video 1: Cannes By Tender

Video 2: Two Storey Carousel


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One comment on “Cannes, France – Day 7
  1. Boaty says:

    It’s not too much fun running the tender operation either…. 😉

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