Back in the U.K.

Well, I am once again back on British soil after a wonderful 12-night cruise on board P&O Cruises Oceana.

Always the same feeling of not wanting to get off but get off I did and I am now on my journey home, back to Newcastle.

I have lots to share with you all so keep checking back as I will be adding new and exciting posts from tomorrow. Of course I have videos and pictures to share too!

We had some extreme weather! Force 9 with a 28 foot swell, now that is what I call a rough Bay of Biscay crossing but Oceana handled it very well. We sailed past Ventura too in the same storm however she looked far more comfortable than we did!

More coming soon…….

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Trying to explore each and every inch of this wonderful planet via cruise ship.

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One comment on “Back in the U.K.
  1. Disgruntled first and last P&O cruiser says:

    What you have forgotten to mention was that several people were hurt some seriously going through the Bay of biscay and also that P&O changed the itinary at the last minute because of some triathlon or something happening in Cannes so the day they did take us there happened to be May day and all the shops were shut .The Oceana is a rust bucket and certainly shouldn’t have gone out in the weather it did ..Also some people were that afraid of the return journey they flew back from Barcelona .. The staff in the Plaza resturant were some of the worst I have met on my many cruises I actually complained to one officer when I witnessed 1 staff member almost walk through a woman guest ..good job she moved out of his way but it continued so the passengers had to move out of the staffs way rather than the other way around

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