Cruising is Good for You

We all do it, sit looking out of the window dreaming of all the places we wished we were instead of facing the prospect of another monotonous day in the “real” world.  Although if we do have these moments they tend not feel as bad if we already have a cruise booked, wouldn’t you agree?

I have met many people on my travels that all obviously are fond of cruising but they all say the same thing, as long as a they have a cruise booked they are able to fit better into society and avoid an embarrassing “cruise blues” breakdown.

Sit and ridicule me, call me ridiculous, I really don’t care as I know this to be true! I genuinely get irritated if I don’t have a cruise booked. It gives you something to work towards and look forward too, although I guess any holiday does that, but we all know cruising is just that extra bit addictive.

I was lucky enough last year to cruise 3 times between June and December, one of which was 24 nights, but to be honest I really am feeling the pressure of having had so many cruises in such a short space of time to having nothing for several months.

Soon though all will be as it should. Exactly 4 weeks today I shall be en-route to (a hopefully sunny) Southampton to join P&O’s Oceana for a relaxing 12-night adventure. Usually by now I would be running around like an idiot, trying to get everything sorted out and ready, but, surprisingly this time I have done nothing! The suitcase was briefly opened and then re-closed, nothing was taken out and nothing was put in, I haven’t quite worked out yet if that is a good thing or a bad thing?

Anyway back to the original topic of conversation, cruise blues, boy they are the worst! I think mine start whilst I am actually still on the ship waiting to disembark, I just can’t cope with my “loss”. I said once that cruising in a way was like therapy and it really is. My point has been proven by those that have told me and sincerely I might point out, that if they have a cruise booked then all is balanced in the world.

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Author: Danielle

Trying to explore each and every inch of this wonderful planet via cruise ship.

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