Trying Something New

I recently asked on my facebook page what things you found yourself doing on a cruise holiday that you almost never do at home, and got some pretty good answers.

I thought I would use today’s blog post to touch on this subject a little more.

When I cruise I do find myself doing things I never do at home for example gambling. When I cruise I can’t stop myself from trying my luck on the Roulette wheel and it is something I only ever do when I am cruising. Yeah I might entertain a few slot machines at home but I never play Roulette.

Another thing I find myself doing while cruising is watching the sunset every evening and drinking cocktails. Again I rarely if ever drink cocktails when I am home and I don’t exactly watch the sunset every night. Although this could be because in my part of the world thanks to mother nature it is a virtual impossibility to watch the sunset every night 😉

One thing that some might find quite shocking is that on holiday I tend to shop A LOT but at home I really can take it or leave it. I’m not the kind of person who must go shopping all the time. Yeah, occasionally it is nice to go out and return home with tons of bags full of goodies but it’s not the be all and end all, plus if I went shopping all the time I could never cruise now could I.

I also really like to use my time cruising to try new food, I am quite a picky eater but because all the food on board is included (excluding speciality restaurants of course) I tend to really use that as a chance to try new and unusual dishes I would never even consider whilst at home. It was while cruising that I found my need for asparagus, I simply can’t get enough of it! I also decided I quite like prawn noodles depending on what kind of mood I am in and that Lobster is really NOT my dish, especially Newberg when its eyeballs are still attached, well they were in my case.

There are some things though I simply point blank refuse to even entertain, for example I could never eat rabbit or lamb. I can never drag myself out of bed early enough to see the sunrise (maybe that’s why I cling onto watching the sunset like a leech) and I can’t start the night on a glass of wine.

Maybe I’m not exactly “living dangerously” but each cruise brings the chance to do, try and experience something new and often something I don’t think twice about at home, I do enjoy that opportunity. Today’s point, live your life whilst cruising like it’s the last cruise you will ever take.

I will take note too and force myself out of bed at least once to watch the sunrise on my next cruise (and I mean with my own eyes, not via the webcam that’s being shown on my cabin TV) 😉

Author: Danielle Come and join me!

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