Mystery Cruise

The Saga Ruby recently embarked on a “mystery cruise” where only the Captain, chief purser, shore excursions staff and watch keepers knew where the ship was actually heading.

How much fun does this sound? When I heard about it I was absolutely intrigued. The whole experience is a complete mystery. Apparently there were dummy charts left lying around and screens covered up so those hoping to sneak a peek at charts during a bridge tour were left still scratching their heads as to where their captain was taking them.

I know it probably is not for everyone but personally I would really like to embark on a voyage like this, you simply have no idea where you are going, all you are told is how many countries you will visit and how many ports of call that will include. The rest is a guessing game until the morning you arrive in port. They obviously also informed passengers that the ship would depart and arrive back into Southampton.

I’m not sure it would maybe be such a great thing to do on a large ship, for example the Saga Ruby only caters for 661 passengers, a huge difference compared to say Independence of the Seas 4370 passenger occupancy. But is this something cruise lines should look at for the smaller ships within their fleet? I think it could be quite an interesting move if they did.

Imagine boarding your ship and simply waiting until you reach land before finding out where exactly you are, if it was a country you had longed to visit and just like a miracle you end up there. The only problem I think that comes with this type of cruise is knowing what to pack. I find it hard enough when I know where I am going let alone when I don’t. 😉

One country they did visit was Casablanca, now that is certainly a destination I would love to visit and hope to do so one day soon. Had I been on that cruise and awoke there I would have been more than happy.

The cruise mentioned above was a winter cruise but they are doing another in September of this year, anyone interested should visit the Saga website for more information. The September one departs from and arrives back into Dover and is a 14 night cruise.

So come on, who else thinks this, would be fun?

Author: Danielle

Trying to explore each and every inch of this wonderful planet via cruise ship.

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