More Bodies Found on Costa Concordia

It is so sad to hear that not only have divers recovered another 8 bodies from the stricken Costa Concordia but that one of them was the body of 5 year old Dayana Arlotti. Loss of life in any circumstance is a terrible waste but to think of a young girl losing her life when she should have been having the time of her life with her father, it really touches me and makes me again question WHY this ever happened in the first place.

According to reports the other bodies recovered were those of four officers and three other crew members. They were located by divers in an area of the ship that was quite difficult to reach and then navigate.  The body of little Dayana was I believe removed from the ship yesterday along with four others but the remaining four were not due to be retrieved from the vessel until today.

The Costa Concordia death toll is now at 25 and seven people still remain missing, including Dayana’s father. Authorities still say not all of the vessel has been explored simply because of the hazards that come with a ship listing at a 90-degree angle.

It has also been confirmed that Roberto Ferrarini, leader of the emergency unit of Costa Crociere; the company’s executive vice president, Manfred Ursprunger and fleet superintendent Paolo Parodi have been added to the “investigation list”. This already included captain Francesco Schettino, who remains on house arrest and first officer, Ciro Ambrosio.

Costa Crociere remains assertive to the fact that captain Schettino was not authorised to manoeuvre the £372 million vessel so close to shore.

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