Cruising For Kids Part Two

Obviously, the whole point of a cruise is to go to different countries and experience different things. My favourite place out of all the different places that we went to is Pisa because we went on an excursion to the Leaning Tower of Pisa. I was truly stunned by the size of the tower and couldn’t work out how it managed to lean without fully falling into the ground. I did also enjoy going to Valencia because all though we hadn’t booked an excursion for it, what we saw would have been much better than an excursion. We went aimlessly wondering into the Cathedral because we thought it would be interesting to see and we were on our way out when we saw some people leaving a side room. We decided to go into it and saw some of the priests carrying out a service in Spanish with incense burning. We stood and watched for a while before we decided to leave. It was incredible to witness and to be honest I am actually glad that we didn’t go on an excursion because if we had, we wouldn’t have seen that.

Another place I enjoyed going to was Cannes because it was interesting to see all of the wealth on the French Riviera. Also it was only place we went that we had to go in the lifeboats because the ship couldn’t get into the dock. It was really fun to go in the lifeboats and later on, once we were back on board, we got to see them testing the lifeboats in the water and doing different formations with them.

Abigail & Ventura in Cannes

Over all I personally think that it was the best holiday and best experience I have ever had! I got to meet loads of new people from all over; I even met a girl from Jersey who I am still in contact with even though it was nearly two years ago. All of the people I met, I have remained friends with and I think I will stay friends with them for years to come. So on a social scale it is an amazing thing to take part in and I still can’t believe I had the chance. All of the countries I visited were very impressive and some were so very beautiful. I’m so pleased and grateful that I had the opportunity to go to them and experience their different cultures and I have taken a lot from it.

The cruise gave me a chance to do things I would never even dream of doing, e.g. bungee jumping on a ship, visiting the Leaning Tower of Pisa. But most of all it helped me to develop my people skills and has made me more aware of the different aspects of the world. If I had the option to do it again, there isn’t a single bit i would change and without a doubt I would jump at the chance to go on another cruise because it isn’t something you would want to miss out on! (hint hint Danielle 🙂 )

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Trying to explore each and every inch of this wonderful planet via cruise ship.

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