Typical Spa Work Day

Forget a lie in when you work on a cruise ship as there is no such thing!  The spa and salon is a hive of activity from the minute guests embark wanting to book their treatments until the first guest turns up for their early morning treatment or gym work out! A day at sea is always very busy, let’s face it you can’t go anywhere else so there is no better way to spend the day than relaxing and being pampered, beats the galley tour in my opinion!  And so it continues for at least the next 12 hours!  Formal evenings are also a popular time for the salon staff as the ladies want to look glamorous for the Captains Cocktail Evening.

On a port day things are quite different as most of the guests are off the ship exploring islands or on an organised tour. This allows the spa staff a smaller stream of guests to accommodate but when the ship is ready to sail it all starts again. We found many guests enjoyed a spa visit after a long day ashore, it was a chance to wind down and relax.

The end of the cruise was a chaotic night for the spa staff as everything had to be clean and shiny for the next lot of guests coming on board the following day. That night could often run until 11 pm in the evening.  A glass of wine in the crew bar afterwards was always very welcome!

As a staff member, I LOVED my days off!  From crew boat parties in Cozumel, chilling out on Seven Mile Beach in Cayman Islands or shopping till you drop in New York City beat being back home going to Tesco to do the weekly shop!

Author: Amanda

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