The Necessary Evil of Packing

The time has come again when I need to start thinking about organising for my next cruise. Although it is still roughly 10 weeks away I always end up telling myself I have more than enough time and before I know it the day arrives.

Every time I prepare I go through the same stresses of packing, un-packing and re packing and I am sure I must do this maybe 4 or 5 times. Although once you have cruised you know more or less what to take with you the ordeal of having to actually sort everything never gets any easier or any less frustrating. I always end up taking ten times more especially in clothes and shoes than I actually need.

We all go through the same thing, we get everything prepared neatly, all freshly washed and ironed all we have to do is pack it in some kind of order and then zip the case shut, sounds like the simplest of tasks does it not but, why, oh why does it never EVER go to plan.

One thing I must stress too is that I can’t even blame a man (sorry fella’s for the rib dig) as I am single and I now cruise with my friends. I used to have to fight my cat, Cleo, in order to actually first of all get my clothes in the case and once this was complete fight her again to get her out the case so I could shut it. Cleo sadly though went to sleep last April so although I am sure in spirit she is doing the same things, in the real world she is not so why can I still not organise without having an episode that should not be witnessed by small children?.

She really did love to join in

Suitcases really are a necessary evil. We come across them in the store some of them looking as if they should be in orbit not the travel section. Foolishly we purchase one of these monsters thinking it is more than big enough to fit everything into that a two week cruise requires, however, once we get these gremlins home it all changes. They suddenly shrink and no matter how much you try you can never fit into it any more than you could in your last case which I will point out was half the size.

When we finally do get the case zipped up the relief is short lived as after this then comes the procedure of trying to get the 20 ton bag down the stairs and out into the car, but that’s a whole other story 🙂

Coming Tomorrow……….

 Wednesday will see the CruiseMiss blog  joined by our new regular guest blogger, Amanda, who having worked onboard cruise ships will bring a unique perspective to the site.

Amanda had the pleasure of working on some amazing ships including Cunard’s great QE2 and I am positive she is going to have some fascinating  and amusing stories to tell us all.

Don’t forget we have a YouTube channel too!  –

Author: Danielle

Trying to explore each and every inch of this wonderful planet via cruise ship.

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One comment on “The Necessary Evil of Packing
  1. Ray says:

    After 14 years of packing for a cruise, I do find it a bt easer nowadays. And I’m the one that does the packing

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