Norwegian can go to the Ball

Cruise ships are magnificent things, we set eyes upon one and instantly we are mesmerized with its enormous size and out of this world facilities. We would do anything to get onboard for two weeks or more.

Take for example Cunard’s Queen Elizabeth, when I look at this ship I really do think WOW now THAT is a ship! She screams jump on board and I shall sail you in style to the four corners of the globe. To me this ship really does ooze sophistication and I desperately want to explore every section of her.

Not all ships though have quite the same effect. Norwegian Epic, need I say more? Well I am going too. What happened? When I first viewed images of this ship my reaction was simply what the……. What or who is responsible? Is it really a ship? OK, maybe I am going a little over the top, she has to be given some credit because her onboard features are truly amazing and the design itself is fine until you reach what I can only refer to as her very square head.

Now honestly guys is it just me or does Norwegian Epic actually look like it could pass for Frankenstein’s twin? Look at the image below and you tell me they don’t resemble one another.

I didn’t know Mary Shelley designed ships too!!!

Maybe I am being a bit too hard on Norwegian Epic after all, I did say excluding her square front she is a marvellous ship but she’s not the only one I am going to pick fun at today, oh no. Next in the firing line is Pride of America (I promise you it’s not pick on NCL day, I just can’t understand this one either)

OK so Pride of America is another curious looking vessel. Looking at her side on she is like every other amazing cruise ship at sea. Looks great, interesting with her colours and patterns and you can only dream of what her interior is like, however, look at her front on and you’re in for an eye opener. Poor Pride of America, what happened? It’s as though she went through the Panama Canal and was squashed in the process. The first thing that comes to my mind when I see this ship is the Knight Bus on Harry Potter. You know the one I mean? Where it moves at great speed, but when the time comes to squeeze between the two on-coming buses it manages to transform itself into a much slimmer and taller version. Well Pride of America is to the cruise world what the Knight Bus is to the world of wizards and witches.

Pride of America wishes she could do what the Knight Bus does instead of just looking like it

That’s all for today folks, I better stop before I offend anyone or anything else (P&O Pacific Pearl, AidaAURA or Island Escape) and I assure you it was not pick on Norwegian day, they just happen to have some “interesting” vessels in their fleet.

Hope everyone is having a great Sunday!

Author: CruiseMiss

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