Cruise Holiday Vs Cruise Life

The huge differences to a day in the real world Vs a day living on a cruise ship!

Just for fun!

In the real world, you don’t have to be back at home one hour before your house starts moving.

In the real world when people ask how you are you do not have to be “excellent.” You could be “not bad,” “hung-over,” “bloody awful’ or dispense with words completely and resort to hand gestures.

In the real world there is no need to simulate how you would respond if your house was on fire – the best advice is to get the hell out of there!

Neither do you have to stand outside in all weather conditions wearing an oversized, sleeveless luminous orange puffer jacket.   Not the most flattering!

In the real world you will not get 20% discount in all shops and free beauty treatments!

In the real world you can have a fight in the pub and not be sacked the moment you turn up for work the next day.

In the real world people work for five days and then have two days off. They do not go to work one morning and return home 8 months later – who came up with that idea?

In the real world you can sit on the toilet and flush it without the worry that your insides may be sucked out and dragged down to an unknown location about 10 floors below.

In the real world relationships can work!

In the real world you can get as drunk as you like. You will not be breathalysed during the night or have a urine test the next morning to ensure you are capable of dealing with any nocturnal emergencies!

You are also able to order doubles and shots and not be instructed to attend Alcohol Awareness workshops!

Author: Amanda

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